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Tephrosia turpinii Pedley
species is described in the article cited below (Pedley 2014). It was growing near Petford  on the Burke Development Road in North Queensland. Previously it was known as Tephrosia sp. Petford (J.R.Clarkson  2774A) Qld Herbarium.

Tephrosia turpinii Tephrosia turpinii
Description:Flowers Description:Plant
  Location:Burke Development Road, Lappa Junction, North Queensland Location:Burke Development Road, Lappa Junction, North Queensland
  GPS coordinates:17˚16.1650S, 14559.1010E GPS coordinates:17˚16.1650S, 14559.1010E
  Date:30 December 2007 Date:30 December 2007
  Field No.:116A Field No.:116A


References (accessed 13 January 2018):

Pedley, L. (2014), Systematics of Tephrosia Pers. (Fabaceae: Millettiae) in Queensland: 1. A summary of the classification of the genus, with the recognition of two new species allied to T. varians (F.M.Bailey) C.T.White. Austrobaileya 9(2): 237-239


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Tephrosia turpinii